Our products serve a variety of markets, including aviation, automotive, home furnishing, adhesives and specialty compounds. We have a fully equipped laboratory staffed by chemists who are experienced in all areas of fabric finishing and product development, based on acrylic, SBR, VAE, PVC, EvCl, polychloroprene and natural rubber polymers. Learn more about the innovative product offerings we have for each market below.



From planes to airports and beyond, our compounds support the aviation industry thanks to their characteristics promoting safety and comfort. Our fire retardant products protect fabrics and other materials against quick flame spread, and our water repellent products help these materials obtain a barrier against water. Below are some of the applications where our products can be found:

  • FR coatings for woven and tufted carpets (low smoke)
  • FR coatings for upholstery
  • Topical finishes for FR, H2O repellency and abrasion
  • Air-dried specialty carpets

Safety and comfort are crucial aspects of the automotive industry. To support this endeavor, we manufacture products with fire-retardant capabilities as well as products with water-repellent characteristics. The applications where these products are used in the automotive industry are located below:

  • FR and non-FR coatings for tufted and nonwoven carpets
  • Thermoformable/ Moldable fabrics
  • FR coatings for upholstery
  • Topical finishes for FR, H2O repellency and abrasion
Home Furnishing

Rugs, mattresses and other home furnishing items that require fabrics and similar materials must be comfortable and safe for consumers. Our compounds support the home furnishing industry by providing the protection capabilities for their manufactured products from the natural elements. Below are the different applications where our compounds can be found:

  • FR and non-FR coatings for mattress ticking and upholstery
  • H2O repellent and FR topicals
  • Crushed foam for “blackout” window treatments
  • Non-skid rug backings
Adhesives and Specialty Compounds

Our water-based adhesives and compounds are used in a variety of applications such as thermoforming and beyond. These compounds support and enhance the manufacturing process of end-user commodities. Learn about the uses of the compounds we develop below:

  • PSA and laminating adhesives
  • Fast break adhesives for foam-to-foam bonding
  • Prevulcanized natural latex for various applications
  • Protective coatings and sealants for various substrates
  • Water-based adhesives for flexible foams